About the Author

Omar Shabka moved with his wife and infant son from Washington, DC, to London, in 1996, to chase the dotcom dream. He started out building online communities in a leaky basement in Fulham and has been working in the cloud ever since.

Exit Strategy is his first novel.

About the Book

Berkeley House is an exclusive private club in Mayfair that has been at the heart of London’s dotcom scene since day dot (the mid-90s). Its members are the city’s elite venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, blue chip execs, and new media types. Its owner, Daniel Logan, has wired the club for surveillance. From his penthouse, he watches and listens to everything, using it for his own ends. Insider trading, scandal, extortion, blackmail, bribery—nothing is off limits in his quest for wealth and power.

When Logan learns that Adware, a high-flying dotcom, is gearing up for a billion dollar stock market listing, he decides he wants in. His plan ensnares Mark Haddad, an Adware executive, in a web of extortion, revenge, surveillance, and subterfuge.

Enter Stephanie Turner, venture capitalist, speed freak, hard core surveillance geek, and old friend of Haddad’s. When they set a counter-strategy in motion, no one realizes where it will take them or the dark past it will unearth.